Unknotty Panelling

With its caracteristical veine, this choice without particularity is one of Maritime Pine.

Lambris sans noeud Lambris Noueux

Panelling Knotty

Without any diametral restriction, its knots give it Maritime Pine rusticity and natural attraction.

Small Knots Panelling

Health and adherent knots not more than 35 mm are characterize of "Small knots" aspect. They offer a range of distinguised and engaging decorations.

Lambris Petits Noeuds Lambris Laméco

Panelling Lameco

Economical panelling by that very fact, suits every use and every need.

White Panelling

Its "Unknotty" base and its 2 white finition coat putting with very care let appear the veine of the wood. Its modern aspect thanks to chamfer.

Lambris Blanc Lambris Vernis

Varnished Panelling

With incomparable finition and the regularity of its aspect, it has the unanimity.

Different profiles panelling.





Profils Lambris